Naos Project

Naos Project


The Naos project began with a phone call which my person, Allan Rojas, answered on December 9, 2019, the call went to the ZEBOL headquarters, and I had the joy of being able to assist and help you.

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  • Condominio Residencial Naos San Joaquín Heredia.
  • Ahorro fue entre USD 3000 a USD 4000
  • Allan Rojas


The Naos project began with a phone call which my person, Allan Rojas, answered on December 9, 2019, the call went to the ZEBOL headquarters, and I had the joy of being able to assist and help you. Talking at length with the client, Mr. Berny Delgado from the Hogaris Company, he told me that he required a submersible pump for a project that was under construction, he mentioned that they were carrying out a large earth movement and the need for the well pump was to irrigate before the machinery began to move and thus reduce the impact of dust, since there were nearby houses and this could generate a demand for them. Advising him and taking the data of the well, and of the land that they had to irrigate, a submersible zeta pump was recommended, which was competing against the Franklin Electric brand. A complete submersible system was sold to this client, the system had a pump, motor, starter box, cable, accessories and PILOT type protection, due to our good advice and good service, adding an efficient follow-up, we were able to finalize the sale. When they installed the equipment, they had no knowledge of how to install and program the PILOT, they asked me for help and both, they and we were happy that that day Mr. Carlos Vargas and myself were going for a visit in Heredia, with which we coordinated and proceeded to program the PILOT, given this issue the client was very pleased with our help and days later he told us that they also required a constant pressure system for the residential. I verified that we had a great possibility of obtaining this business and closing it, thanks to our good advice with the well equipment and that we generated value in the client towards us. The client told me this project was to be fully completed until next 2022, due to the fact that this project has 300 houses, a cinema, an olympic pool, an event room, and a tennis court. Among others, the important thing to emphasize at this point is that we never lost the objective of staying with the project, even knowing that the purchase was not instantaneous. And today we can say that we closed the project satisfactorily, carrying out an installation that took no more than a day and a half of work, with the support of our service department.

Execution process

After the developer Hogaris believed in us as an important ally when executing this project, we received the plans and requirements for it.

Once the requirements were analyzed, we observed that the way in which the mechanical engineer in charge of preparing the equipment selection was not the most recommended due to the following points:

  • The engineer asked for three 5hp pumps with an operating point of 95.1 gpm at 50 psi and a third pump that would give 273 gpm at 50 psi, which would give the gallonage together of the previous three, and this would only work as backup, and this would be of very little use.
  • The engineer indicated that the discharge pipe should be 75mm, 3¨ however the total gallonage of the system is 560 gpm as required, and we know that a 3¨ pipe can only pass approximately 200 gpm. That is why we carry out the project managers a reengineering, we commented on the possible problems that this could have in the future, and they requested a meeting in which Mr. Carlos Vargas and myself attended, we presented the case, we told them about life useful of the equipment and the importance of giving alternate use to the equipment, in order to not generate more wear on some equipment, in addition to the fact that our pumps, despite the fact that they were going to be 7.5hp, were going to consume less amperage and be more efficient.

We also commented that the pipes should be a minimum of 6 "for the manifold and 4" for each of the discharges, which generated that the client was interested in our reengineering and they would actually change the parameters once they met with the engineer. Illustrative image of the conversation:

It is important to emphasize that this project was listed in several companies for which we were competing directly with companies such as Font, Alrotek and Strong, but our good work and good follow-up, generated that the interest of the HOGARIS corporation grew and chose to take us as the best option . Impact on the client. Monetarily, the client told us that his savings was approximately between USD 3,000.00 to 4,000.00 when acquiring our equipment compared to competitive equipment, in addition, this guaranteed drinking water to 300 homes, and with the submersible pump once the project is finished, we have an agreement for the acquisition of a 10hp submersible well pump, since the construction company and the residential agreed with the municipality to guarantee well water to the ASADA of San Joaquin, and this will provide water to the entire sector .

Customer testimonial:

The following email was requested from the client, myself requested the following: Good afternoon, my brother, how are you? My brother, due to a phone change, I lost your number and I have no way to contact you! I wanted to request a favor from you, internally at ZEBOL they carry out a dynamic on the best projects of the year, in this case my wish is to present the NAOS project, since I am very happy with the process, but it is necessary that one of the people from the company with which I negotiated (Naos) in this case, tell the experience of the negotiation and how you felt that ZEBOL helped the population with this project. I know you are very busy, and at the end, this is not your anger, but I would like to know if you can help me to win this activity, I really appreciate your help my brother.

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