Learn about our history. We are Zebol!

We are Zebol

Our History

We are a Costa Rican family business with a rather peculiar beginning that dates back to 1983, everything begins in the living room of a Palmare home, where the sense of family and the hard work of 2 visionary entrepreneurs are the main ingredients of a bright future, in At that time our name was founded thanks to the fusion of two surnames with a clear projection, which was of service to the people of Palmares, later this projection at the local level had to be expanded by a responsible and constant growth.

Our pumping solutions began representing international brands that saw a lot of future in our country and later we had the honor of being an assembly and technical service workshop of the best pumping factories in the world, this immediately led us to provide solutions in time record, since it had all the necessary pieces to put together any solution that flowed.