Replacement of damaged Patterson Fire System

Replacement of damaged Patterson Fire System


The equipment was operated under different circumstances or eventualities, carrying out all the performance tests of the system and others and everything was excellent.

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  • Condominio Vertical del Lago
  • Ing. Alonso Vargas Guevara

Previous situation

This project was initially a repair of the engine that was damaged, an on-site inspection was carried out at a certain time to offer the client repair, advising and accompanying him from the beginning.

The client began to resume the entire offer and others to continue analyzing it months later, at a certain point the project arose again with a more urgent requirement, the project was assigned to me, they gave me the indication to contact Marcela Laborde, the manager of the condominium and follow up to finalize the project.

It began with a good deal with the client, knowing the work team, analyzing what had been offered and the current conditions of the client, an offer was made for a new package system, all the questions asked by the client and his work team were answered, the Board of Directors (they are americans and they are in USA) made different requirements to see a cost issue, the separate equipment, the complete equipment, the repair, the labor, the total installation amount, among other consultations made.

Finally, it was possible to convince the client to acquire all the new complete equipment, this being the best option in terms of cost / useful life of the equipment, as well as the confidence in our company to carry out the installation, it was possible to convince with a good accompaniment in the sale, follow-up, a good negotiation and others.

Project execution

The project was executed from its negotiation to its installation and delivery. It was an impeccable project, there were no delays in deliveries or installation, the installation was also impeccable, you can see the good work of the team of technicians in charge of the project, from all the connection of pipes and accessories to all the installation of the panel and electrical connections. The start-up was done, the equipment was operated under different circumstances or eventualities, carrying out all the performance tests of the system, and everything was excellent, the client was very satisfied with the results, we won a client and better yet, very satisfied with the results.

Project result

Thanks to the client, our internal procedure was streamlined very well, the terms and conditions under which the project was carried out, were very acceptable, the importation was coordinated with all departments, it was a success; As soon as the system arrived in Costa Rica, the installation was coordinated with the service, and the installation was carried out in the last week of the year, successfully completing a project from start to finish with an installation to stand out due to its space difficulty.

Before going on vacation, I sent a thank email where I highlighted:

“I want to thank each and every one of those who in one way or another, collaborated with me to carry out this project, all the technical and price part with Fofo and Fabri, the importation and transfers of Leo and Yos, the good management of billing and collection by Hanni and Sharon, the excellent logistics of Caro and Esteban, and especially to the guys for the good work, I thank Caro."

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